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Vehicle Repar Tracking Systems: South Africans, Break Up with Your Panel Beater

Who wants ‘office hours only’ to check up on their vehicle’s repair progress anyway?
Whether you’re having a long and busy day at work, or enjoying an afternoon of playing around the pool with your kids, you most certainly don’t need life to come to a screeching stop simply so that you can check with your panel beater about your vehicle’s repair status.
Well now you can check the progress of your vehicle’s repairs anytime, anyplace.
A good panel beater should have nothing to hide, right?

Now you can be certain that your panel beater is not ripping you off by skipping steps while repairing your vehicle. Auto watch is a technology that enables you to follow the repairs being made to your vehicle in real-time. If your panel beater has embraced auto watch technology (which Wonderboom Panel Beaters in Pretoria have, by the way), they can upload pictures of your vehicle at different stages whilst it’s being repaired. So you can now have immediate access to important information pertaining to the progress of your vehicle’s repairs whenever you want it.
With auto watch technology, you’re able to view your vehicle before that final layer of pretty paint goes on – so you can be sure that your panel beater hasn’t cunningly covered up the damage on your vehicle’s body by using unscrupulous means.
Simply come online to view photos and get status updates on your vehicle whilst it’s still at the panel beaters.
But what if you don’t have your computer at hand?
Don’t worry; you can still be kept in the loop by receiving updates via text or email messages! Auto watch technology can notify you when new pictures of your vehicle are available. With Facebook integration, you can even read your vehicle’s status updates while hanging out, chatting with friends and family. Once again, keeping you in the loop…

So the next time you need a panel beater in Pretoria, give Wonderboom Panel Beaters a call on 012 5462 434/5 and allow a friendly consultant to assist you in discovering the wonderful world of tracking your vehicle’s progress online thanks to auto watch technology.

The Collision Repairers Association and What you need to Know About them

Choosing the right panel beaters to repair your vehicle is extremely vital. Choosing the wrong one could mean that you are paying for a service that was never 100% completed if the mechanic who worked on your vehicle was never qualified to do so. It may also put you and your family’s safety at risk in a possible collision in the future and that is definitely a risk that you do not want to take.


The technology in car manufacturing has improved significantly over the last few years, with the use of stronger materials, among other advancements. Cars are now manufactured to be better, stronger, and faster. With this evolvement in the materials that are now used and the manufacturing process, panel beaters also need to be evolved, educated and qualified in order to repair these new, high standard vehicles. The kinds of materials used, like steel and aluminium, need to be repaired correctly; a bad repair could compromise the safety of your vehicle in a possible collision and most importantly, the safety of yourself and your entire family.

So how do you know that you are taking your vehicle to a panel beater qualified and educated enough to repair it correctly?


The Collision Repairers Association (CRA) is an organisation that promotes panel beaters and repair shops to maintain and deliver a high standard and world class service to all their clients, ensuring that the risks involved in a possible future collision is minimal. If a panel beater or repair shop is a member of the CRA, they will have the CRA logo placed in their shop and/or on their website, proving to potential clients that their safety is a priority.

CRA Full Logo2

Panel beaters are now being forced to ensure only top quality and world class work, or risk losing business to motor body repairers who are indeed members of the CRA. So it is vital to ensure you do research before deciding on a company to repair your vehicle.

As members of the Collision Repairers Association, Wonderboom Panelbeaters ensures that you reach your destination safely by repairing your vehicle correctly and efficiently.

For quotations on the repair of your vehicle, contact Wonderboom Panelbeaters today

(012) 546 2434 or email






HID lamps and an Eco-Friendly Motor Industry

projector-lamps-with-hid-250x250The motor industry has had a huge contribution to global warming through the past years not only because of the emissions let out into the atmosphere by cars they have manufactured but also because of the way they have manufactured the vehicles in factories and the parts used to make them.

The motor industry has however made some big changes in recent years to become more environmentally friendly, for example: the process of making motor vehicles is slowly changing, as well as the type of materials used to manufacture them so as to lower the negative emissions let out into the atmosphere. Some of these changes include using biodegradable materials for the interiors of vehicles, using recyclable tyres and using more environmentally friendly fuels. All of these means of lowering emissions are some of the more obvious ways in which the motor industry has been going “green” but what about the other ways in which the motor industry has contributed to the drive of going “greener”? Sometimes even the smallest change can make a big difference when it comes to going “green” and one of those are lighting. Has it ever occurred to you that your car’s headlamps could also have an effect on the environment?


“…Two factors limited the widespread use of electric headlamps: the short life of filaments in the harsh automotive environment, and the difficulty of producing dynamos small enough, yet powerful enough to produce sufficient current to fuel the new lamps invented by Thomas Edison in 1879.” – source:
One of the most popular eco-friendly headlamps used for cars are HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlamps. 8008They have a white light produced by an electrical discharge and have greater effectiveness and efficiency while not having to use filaments. This makes it environmentally friendly but also more durable as it can withstand vibration when the vehicle is being driven. It also means that HIDs last longer, almost three times longer depending on use and uses 24% less power, resulting in great efficiency and lower greenhouse-gas emissions!
Other than the fact that these headlamps are great for the environment, they are also very efficient for drivers as they produce up to three times the brightness and a wider coverage than other headlamps resulting in clearer vision for the driver.


The motor industry has made many sustainable changes, big and small. This goes to show that even the smallest change can make a huge difference in saving our planet. So, if you feel you do not have the capacity to change your car into a more eco-friendly one, think again. There are some small changes you can make too…

The Effects of the Hailstorm in Gauteng in 2012

When hail stones fall to the ground from the earth’s atmosphere, the damage caused can be very devastating. ceb7e2b696a842a1b03fdfa905a2612dAlthough there have been reports of people being killed by these chunks of ice; houses, buildings, crops and cars are usually the victims of hailstorms.


These pea-sized to golf ball-sized stones are formed when raindrops are frozen and then cycled through the thunderstorm once more. Strong updrafts of warm air and downdrafts of cool air move the frozen particles up and down through different sections of the thundercloud, causing layers of frozen ice to form on the stones surface.


In November 2012, Gauteng, South Africa, experienced one of the worst hailstorms they have had in years. Thousands were affected by the storm and 13 were killed. There were over 25 000 insurance claims that were filed after the first big storm that hit on the 22 October 2012, resulting in payouts expected to reach R1 billion. Mandy Barrett of Aon South Africa says, “Suburbs were left without electricity, roofs were damaged and in some instances pulled right off, vehicles and windscreens were smashed, gardens were destroyed and homes and buildings were left battered.


Not  only were insurers struggling to keep up with the high demand from consumers, the pressure was also on windscreen suppliers, plumbers, home maintenance crews and panel beaters to handle repairs and replacements.


Usually after big hailstorms have caused damage to cars and trucks, people would take their vehicles into Body Shops where the hood of the vehicle or other damaged parts would be replaced. Although this is effective, it can be very costly and usually takes days or sometimes weeks to get your vehicle back.


Wonderboom Panelbeaters, in Pretoria-North, suggests another approach to repairing hail damage. This approach is paintless dent removal, also referred to as PDR and is the method of removing minor dents, dings, scratches and creases from the body of the vehicle. The PDR specialist will gently remove the paint at the point where the damage has occurred, layer by layer, until the bottom of the scratch is at the same level of the paint. The scratch is still there, however you will not see it. From there, a wax is used to fill in the scratch and the effects of the hail damage will almost disappear.


For quotations on the repair of your vehicle due to hail damage or any other damage caused, contact Wonderboom Panelbeaters today on (012) 546 2434 or email