Top Five Things to Look for When Choosing a Panelbeater in Pretoria:

When you need a panelbeater, use these tips for the best local shop in the industry. Your vehicle is an investment that you count on so it is important to find the professionals that can take quality care with your vehicle repair. To find the best follow these five guidelines when selecting a Car Body Shop:

1)    Use the panelbeater that is recommended by your insurance

Insurance Agencies are familiar with panelbeatrers in Pretoria and have a list of preferred businesses. Due to the fact that car body repairs may be covered by the Insurance they have agreements with certain body shops therefore allowing those shops to work directly with your insurance. Not having to deal with the Insurance will save hassle and time.

2)    Find the shop with a reputation for superior service

Word travels fast by way of mouth therefore if a panelbeater in Pretoria has conducted poor service you have probably heard about it. Avoid shops known for issues involving abrupt conduct, long delivery time and performing unnecessary repairs. Ask your friends and family where they take their cars and look to Newspapers and Magazines for the consumer’s choice of shops. You may read more information about the shop of your choosing online including performance reviews and any Associations such as CLA (Collision repairs association), also ask about community involvement such as the support of local charities.

3)    Collect estimates

The price difference on the same repairs amongst some Car Body Shops in Pretoria can be significant. Before allowing service request an itemized account of the price for parts and labor. Understand the parts you are receiving and research the standard price so you are not overcharged. Find a shop that will provide a complimentary estimate as some shops charge a fee.

4) Use mechanics that are up to date on Automobile standards

When you need to find the best panelbeater in Pretoria then you need to find the shop with trained professionals. Having fully trained staff illustrates the Companies interest in quality service. Look around for recent training certifications proudly displayed in the shop.

5) Go to the place with the guarantee.

If you have found a panelbeater in Pretoria that has certified staff and provides quality product them a work guarantee should not be an issue. Find out if the shop will support the quality of their work with a guarantee and insure their product with a warranty, as any vehicle repair should be done to last.

It is important to choose the right Panelbeating Shop in Pretoria to service your vehicles repair needs. When it comes to your vehicle only the best will do use these tips to find the shop to fix it like new. Wonderboom Panelbeaters is committed to giving you the best at all times.