The Collision Repairers Association and What you need to Know About them

Choosing the right panel beaters to repair your vehicle is extremely vital. Choosing the wrong one could mean that you are paying for a service that was never 100% completed if the mechanic who worked on your vehicle was never qualified to do so. It may also put you and your family’s safety at risk in a possible collision in the future and that is definitely a risk that you do not want to take.


The technology in car manufacturing has improved significantly over the last few years, with the use of stronger materials, among other advancements. Cars are now manufactured to be better, stronger, and faster. With this evolvement in the materials that are now used and the manufacturing process, panel beaters also need to be evolved, educated and qualified in order to repair these new, high standard vehicles. The kinds of materials used, like steel and aluminium, need to be repaired correctly; a bad repair could compromise the safety of your vehicle in a possible collision and most importantly, the safety of yourself and your entire family.

So how do you know that you are taking your vehicle to a panel beater qualified and educated enough to repair it correctly?


The Collision Repairers Association (CRA) is an organisation that promotes panel beaters and repair shops to maintain and deliver a high standard and world class service to all their clients, ensuring that the risks involved in a possible future collision is minimal. If a panel beater or repair shop is a member of the CRA, they will have the CRA logo placed in their shop and/or on their website, proving to potential clients that their safety is a priority.

CRA Full Logo2

Panel beaters are now being forced to ensure only top quality and world class work, or risk losing business to motor body repairers who are indeed members of the CRA. So it is vital to ensure you do research before deciding on a company to repair your vehicle.

As members of the Collision Repairers Association, Wonderboom Panelbeaters ensures that you reach your destination safely by repairing your vehicle correctly and efficiently.

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