Vehicle Repar Tracking Systems: South Africans, Break Up with Your Panel Beater

Who wants ‘office hours only’ to check up on their vehicle’s repair progress anyway?
Whether you’re having a long and busy day at work, or enjoying an afternoon of playing around the pool with your kids, you most certainly don’t need life to come to a screeching stop simply so that you can check with your panel beater about your vehicle’s repair status.
Well now you can check the progress of your vehicle’s repairs anytime, anyplace.
A good panel beater should have nothing to hide, right?

Now you can be certain that your panel beater is not ripping you off by skipping steps while repairing your vehicle. Auto watch is a technology that enables you to follow the repairs being made to your vehicle in real-time. If your panel beater has embraced auto watch technology (which Wonderboom Panel Beaters in Pretoria have, by the way), they can upload pictures of your vehicle at different stages whilst it’s being repaired. So you can now have immediate access to important information pertaining to the progress of your vehicle’s repairs whenever you want it.
With auto watch technology, you’re able to view your vehicle before that final layer of pretty paint goes on – so you can be sure that your panel beater hasn’t cunningly covered up the damage on your vehicle’s body by using unscrupulous means.
Simply come online to view photos and get status updates on your vehicle whilst it’s still at the panel beaters.
But what if you don’t have your computer at hand?
Don’t worry; you can still be kept in the loop by receiving updates via text or email messages! Auto watch technology can notify you when new pictures of your vehicle are available. With Facebook integration, you can even read your vehicle’s status updates while hanging out, chatting with friends and family. Once again, keeping you in the loop…

So the next time you need a panel beater in Pretoria, give Wonderboom Panel Beaters a call on 012 5462 434/5 and allow a friendly consultant to assist you in discovering the wonderful world of tracking your vehicle’s progress online thanks to auto watch technology.